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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

Questions and answers to eubiona organic cosmetics

Question: Is aluminium hydroxide harmful?
: No, the aluminium we use is a non metallic aluminium which is harmless with regard to environment and human body. When talking about the questionable aluminium, which is consistently mentioned, it concerns in fact aluminium salts. They are often used in deodorants to narrow the exits of sweat glands. Due to our philosophy we do not use them.

Question: Why do have the sun cremes SPF 20 and SPF 30 the same ingredients?
: The percentage proportions used in the formula are different. Therefore a differently high sun filter can be generated and two diverse crèmes can be produced.

Question: What are nanopaticles? Is the nanotechnology used in eubiona cosmetics?
Answer: Nanoparticles describe a compound of a few to a few thousand atoms or molecules. The name refers to their size, which is typically 1 to 100 nanometers. The particles are thus about 50,000 times smaller than the diameter of an average human hair. Because of their small size, they act chemically and physically differently than larger particles of the same substance. So far, little is known about how the tiny particles act in the body and whether they might cause harm.
A number of cosmetic products, such as various sun creams, deodorants and toothpastes contain nanoparticles, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO).
Nanoparticles occur in nature, but can also be intentionally manufactured. In accordance with Ecocert requirements, we refrain from using nanomaterials as a matter of principle. However, since nanoparticles also occur in nature, it cannot be ruled out that some nanosized particles are contained in our creams.

Question: Why does your deodorant not have the promised effect on me?
Answer: The users react differently to particular components of plant ingredients in the natural-based cosmetics. This is especially obvious with deodorants because of the occurrence of particular germs in the armpit areas. According to the individual skin flora it can occur that the natural-based ingredients contained in a deodorant are not able to stop the multiplying of a bacterium. In the conventional beauty care it can be achieved by using aluminum salts which are responsible for long-lasting effect. However, this method does not correspond to the philosophy of natural-based cosmetics. To achieve a similar long-lasting effect the natural product has to be applied several times a day.

Question: Why do you use farnesol in your Sports Deo Roll-On?
: Farnesol is a highly allergenic fragrance. According to EU standards it has to be declared. Farnesol is often used in manufacturing of cosmetics because of its preserving and antibacterial properties. Compared to other antibacterial ingredients farnesol is considerably better choice.

Question: Why is eubiona so low priced?
:  Our aim is to offer some high quality natural cosmetics which everybody is easily able to afford. Therefore we have family packs in our range of products. Most of our family packs have a dispenser. That is why they are practical in use – particularly for children – and also economical in application.

Question: Are eubiona packagings ecologically harmless?
: Yes, they are 100% recyclable. The packagings are tested by Ecocert and are subject to regulations. Our folding boxes, bottles and tubes consist of PVC-free material (e.g. PE, PET) and FSC paper.

Question: Why does eubiona not have a vegan logo?
: For the use of this logo you have to pay fees. We have decided to abandon it in order to be able to offer low priced natural cosmetics which everybody can afford.

Question: How can shea butter be applied?
: Shea butter is variously applicable for body and hair and is suitable for all types of skin. It is perfect for sensitive skin and skin needing care. To make shea butter smooth we recommend to warm up a small amount of it between the hand palms. You can also heat it in a small jar by putting it on a radiator. The quality of shea butter remains very good if it is not warmed up over 35 degrees. Please heat only the needed amount of it.
Application examples:
Face care:
Shea butter can be used as a day cream or as a foundation for your day cream.
Body care: Shea butter ensures good relubrication, regulates the skin moisture content and protects it from becoming dry. It makes the skin soft and smooth and it is perfect for particularly strained skin area such as hands, elbows, knees and feet. Shea butter supports the skin resistance and therefore a massage using it helps to avoid the emergence of stretch marks and skin growing slack during the pregnancy and breastfeeding time. Tip: To achieve the best effects shea butter is to be rubbed in the slightly wet skin directly after having bath or shower.
Hand and feet care: Rub in after washing or if needed. Hands become soft and well cared-for. Rough callused skin becomes soft and smooth.
Lip care: Shea butter protects the lips from becoming dry and cares for chapped and rough lips.
Massage: A massage with shea butter is very pleasant and cares for the skin. The butter can be warmed up for this purpose (see the information above).
Baby care: Shea butter is suitable for whole-body care and cleansing in the area under nappies. It calms irritated and reddened skin.
Hair care: Shea butter regenerates affected hair. Rub in a small amount of shea butter in the ends of the hairs one or two hours before washing it. Wrap the hair in a towel and let it work in.

Question: How comes to the occurrence of grey layer on hair by using a hair spray?
: The grey layer can occur on hair by the residues of shellac. Shellac is a resinous substance from broad-leaved trees, which is used for fixing in hair sprays.To avoid the grey layer we recommend the following course of action:
- use the hair spray twice a day at most
- wash your hair every two days using mild shampoo e.g. eubiona Vital Shampoo, eubiona Build-up Shampoo or eubiona Repair Shampoo

You can remove a possible grey layer by shampooing your hair twice and letting the shampoo work in.  At the end you can treat your hair with a vinegar conditioner.

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